Christy Stephens is a designer, illustrator and painter based in Beaverton, Oregon. 

Artist Statement

I give my life direction and purpose in a creative and meaningful way through my art. I'm Inspired by God’s Word, nature and re-purposed vintage items. Through pattern, dimension, color and texture, I carefully hand-craft each art piece. I enjoy working with a variety of media and feel that each piece is a dance between my imagination and my Creator’s inspiration. My recent faith journaling has been a documentation of my own faith walk and valuable lessons I’ve gathered along the way. I have been led to share my art with others in hopes that it will uplift, inspire and direct others.


My story....

Growing up, I was submerged deep in country life in the Pacific Northwest. We lived in a log house (that my dad built from a kit) on 5 acres out towards Kings Valley, Oregon. I've always loved art since as far back as I can remember. I took every opportunity to create something growing up, whether it be painting, sewing, or drawing. My dad, who also was a talented artist, would take the time to show me some techniques in drawing or painting. I remember we'd have little art sessions. 

After graduating high school, I jumped right into college to learn graphic design. It was there that I met my husband who was also taking the same design program. We got married after he graduated. We both started our design careers, built a home in West Salem and were blessed with two kids. His commute to Portland was very arduous so we moved to Beaverton (12 years ago) and were blessed with another child. My husband and three kids have always been my biggest blessings and we both felt it was super important to put a pause on my design career for family life which was a decision that I never regret! I still however infused my art into projects at home with the kids and volunteered at their school in the Art Lit program through the Beaverton School district.

On my 40th birthday, I received a special gift from my amazing husband. It was a beautiful coral colored leather journal with a wrap around zipper. Each day I began reading my devotion and felt inspired to draw out an idea that was starting to be illustrated in my head. Since that time, I have done numerous entries and I’m already on my third journal two years later. My journal is now an illustrated journey of my intimate faith walk with my Lord.

Growing up I was always overwhelmed by reading the Bible. Not knowing where to start or how to interpret it. It often sat on the shelf collecting dust…sadly! Through my illustrations (that God inspired me to create) I was able to learn and interpret His word in a way I could understand. I am a visual person and God knew that if He could put the imagery in my head it would help me to learn each lesson He was trying to work with me on. I am still slow to learn verses, but by hanging the images up all over my home, I can be daily reminded of His living word and keep them close to my heart.

My life has drastically changed. God has opened my eyes to see and my heart to love more deeply. Although I have changed, I know I am changing still and am just glad to be making progress. I am just the pen and God is the true artist.

I hear everyday so many people brought down by the media. I started my Instagram site with the intent to uplift others and to reassure them that God IS in control! Giving others the ray of light they so desperately need in this dark world. I feel my faith journaling has made such a drastic difference in my own life and I felt God prompting me last fall to get my art out into the world to make a difference in other people’s lives. I made some big changes in my studio space. I used to teach sewing classes and was lead in my heart to clear out my sewing side of my studio. I also had to let some other things go like volunteering at my son’s school as an Art Lit Coordinator. I really enjoyed creating the projects that would cultivate a love of art in over 500 kids of the school! It was a hard decision, but I knew God wanted me to do it in order to focus strictly on my art. In letting go of things in my life and letting God in the driver’s seat He has taken me on such an amazing adventure so far and I am very excited to see what He has in store for C Street Studio! It is my prayer that my art brings you closer to God and uplifts and inspires you to spread His love around you! Blessings to you! ~ Christy


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There is nothing more artistic
than to love people.
— van Gogh